Golf Instruction with Real Balance to Improve Your Game


The mission of Goltera is help all golfers enjoy the game with a completely balanced approach to golf instruction. This balanced approach will be personalized to the individual golfer and areas that they need the most improvement. Goltera will help you find the mental balance, physical balance, and a balance in life outside of golf, that is needed to have success on the golf course.
The mental balance that is needed to be successful depends on your personality and brain type. People with type A personalities are very emotional and will need to learn how to release emotions, while slowing down before executing a shot. People with type B personalities that shows little emotion will need to learn how to get to a high focus level for every shot.
Physical balance is more typically what people think of when they think golf instruction. A golf swing needs balance, from the feet through to the head and from the right side through the left side. This is a principle that will apply to all golfers, tour players, weekend warriors, and beginners.
The other aspects of life can effect play on the golf course. Staying in the present, having good balance with family, work, personal, and relaxation, is when performance will be maximized to ability.
Goltera will assist you in finding these balances, finding more enjoyment in golf and ultimately more enjoyment in life. 

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Woody has been an Instructor of golf for over 20 years. His experience started at Grayhawk in Scottsdale, AZ the home of Kostis/McCord Learning Center.  A few years later he was on to Desert Mountain, home of Nicklaus/Flick Game Improvement.  Woody was mentored for the next six years by Jim Flick and other top 100 teachers working with Jim such as, Bob Toski, Mike Malaska, and Laird Small.  Woody soon became one of Jim Flick’s Lead Instructors and Director of Operations.  
Then moving to the Carolinas where his wife was in graduate school. Woody worked at a few different private clubs giving lessons and The South Carolina Junior Golf Association as the Director of Youth Development. 
His wife’s continued her school as a post-doctoral position moved them to Minnesota. Woody worked at Bearpath Golf and Country Club, helping many members improve their golf game. 
An opportunity in the Bio-Tech industry was to good for Woody’s wife to pass up. Woody and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and Woody has been an Instructor at the San Bruno Golf Center.
Growing up a hockey player in Minnesota, competitive golf was limited to 6 months a year.  His best competitive round came after turning professional, shooting a 66 in a Pro-Am event.
Woody had instructed over 120 three day schools working with nearing 3,000 different students. Woody has taught 200 one day schools, working with close to 5,000 different students. 3,500 individuals have had lessons with Woody.


One Day Golf School
One Day Golf School

A full day of balanced golf instruction, putting, chipping, pitching, sand, full swing, and mental instruction.

Junior Academy

Our junior academy is focused on the junior golfer that will be playing in competitions.  Instruction will be balanced for all facets and focused for success on the golf course.

Weekly One Hour Clinic
Weekly One Hour Clinic

Instruction is focused on one specific area of the game, putting, chipping, pitching, sand, irons, and woods.  In order to keep a balance the mental aspect of each area will also taught.

Individual Lessons

Individual instruction is available to current and new students.

Lessons will focus on the individuals needs and wants.

Internet Lessons

Individual instruction that will include a complete swing or stroke analysis. I will recommended changes to grip, posture, set-up and alignment and then explain why these changes are recommended. What swing or stroke changes are needed followed by explaining why these changes are recommended.